Listen to the sounds of the old waterwheel as you swing by the water's edge, or enjoy the rustic atmosphere of the recreated turn of the century buildings. Almost all of the lumber used in the construction was cut and milled on-site from our native pine and poplar trees. Take a walk around the park's parameter to see the many sights and smells a country setting has to offer. At dark, stars appear just out of reach, with peace and serenity just another breath away.

The park is nestled on gentle rolling hills with live oak and pine trees throughout the area. Located five miles from I-59, an asphalt highway brings you to the park entrance. The park is far enough away from outside influences, yet minutes from fast food, shopping, stables, golf, theaters, and other points of interest.

We would like you to stop and smell the flowers, observe the different birds, and wonder at the dance of the butterflies. At night, gaze at the stars while being warmed by your campfire, or simply lay your head down as you listen to nature's call . . . .

Quiet never sounded so good